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Women as Vanguards in the 21ST Century Politics: A Study of Chinua Achebe’s Texts.

1Ngozi Dora Ulogu Ph,D. and 2Christiana Obiageli Udogu Ph.D.





Accepted 7th January, 2020.


The nation’s political terrain has been dominated by male political leaders who seem to be incapable of understanding the needed demands of 21st century politics that deals with complex issues of governance by establishing dialogue with the citizens. These lapses leave an insidious air that is filled by agitations, threats, political victimization, and often murder.  Part of the problem inherent in this political situation is that the followers, except a few, tend to be patronizing, cynical and passive on issues concerning them, thereby aiding and abetting corrupt practices. Achebe’s Anthills of the Savannah (1987) and A Man of the People (1966) present the trend of corruption scandals that reveal the old way of doing politics. Using the framework of feminist political philosophy that advances the new ideals and reconstruction of political institutions, this paper undertakes a literary analysis of the roles of the female characters, Beatrice and Eunice in leading the course of change in the fictional narratives. Hence Beatrice and Eunice are vanguards of the 21st century political participation. It is not however the change of gender roles or stereotypes instead, it is the leading role in championing the course of collective movement in political participation.

Keywords: Feminist Philosophy, Governance, Politics, Political Participation, Vanguards