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The Roles and Strategy of Women as Conflict Mediators in Ibibio Land

Nsikan Abasi U. Wilson, Sunny E. Offong & Okoro Sunday Asangausung


Accepted 10th December, 2021


The study was conducted in Ibibioland, Akwa Ibom State to explore the role of the woman in conflict situations and the strategy she employs in conflict mediation. Guided by the assumptions of Radcliff-Brown’s structural functionalism and Talcott Parsons’ social system theory, cross-sectional survey research design was adopted in the study. Personal interviews and focus group discussions were employed for data collection. Three hundred and sixty participants were selected from the eighteen (18) Local Government Areas making Ibibio ethnic group. Multi-stage sampling involving purposive and simple random sampling techniques was employed to select participants among women above 25 years of age. Some of the women were visited in their houses and interviewed personally in order to obtain relevant information on their role and strategies in conflict mediation while 18 sessions of focused group discussions were held in the nearby civic centers in these Local Government Areas. The local language was used to obtain information from participants with the aid of a tape recorder and was later transcribed. Data obtained were analyzed thematically. Findings show that marriages create social relationships through which the sanctity of the god of in-law (abasi Ukod) and grandchild (abasi eyeyen) among others became the bond of peace in Ibibioland. Women mediate in conflict situations directly and indirectly and sometimes unconsciously. Their roles in conflict management, though mostly on unofficial capacities, bring peace and stability to the society. The strategies employed include, but are not limited to apologies, women’s cultural groups, traditional songs, and marriage. The study recommends that women in Ibibioland should be involved officially in conflict management initiatives and their strategies adapted in conflict situations.


Keywords: Woman, Conflict Management, Marriage, Mediation