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Effectiveness of Strategies Used in Secondary Schools to Curb Drug And Substance Abuse Among High School Students in Nzaui Sub-County, Makueni County, Kenya

Mr. Paul Muthoka and Dr. Margaret Mwenje



Accepted 11th June, 2020.


Drug and substance abuse (DSA) among secondary school students is a major public health problem that has been linked to adverse psychosocial challenges that may affect their academic performance. This calls for implementation of interventions that can help to mitigate drug and substance abuse among secondary school students. This study sought to establish various strategies used in secondary schools in Nzaui Sub County to mitigate the problem of drug and substance abuse among students. The target population for this study was12 secondary schools in Nzaui Sub County. Simple random sampling technique was used to sample the secondary schools. The target population for this study were form one to form four students, Deputy Principals, School Counselors and Class Teachers. The study had a sample size of 270 respondents. The study used interview schedules, questionnaires to collect primary data. Data collected was analyzed using SPSS software program and presented using tables and figures. The study found out that guidance and counselling was used in all the secondary schools to address the drug and substance abuse. Other strategies included; parental involvement, punishment, suspension and involvement of the police. It however established that except guidance and counselling the other strategies were not quite effective. The study recommended the use of guidance and counselling to address the risk of peer pressure as the necessary first step in combating drug abuse. It also recommended the importance of conducting other parallel studies to determine the effectiveness of the current drug programs in secondary schools.


 Keywords: Drug and Substance abuse, Strategies, Drug Addiction, Prevalence