International Journal of Arts and Humanities

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A Review on the Effects of Socially Maladjusted Behaviour on Academic Performance of Learners in Public Schools

Ateequ Wasila Salihi





Accepted 28th August, 2021.


This paper attempts to review the effects of socially maladjusted behaviour on the academic performance of learners in public primary schools. The paper critically reviewed some of the causes of socially maladjusted behaviour, characteristics exhibited by learners with socially maladjusted behaviour, the effects of socially maladjusted behaviour, and specific intervention measures to be used by teachers in managing learners with socially maladjusted behaviour. From the studies examined for this paper, it is concluded that socially maladjusted behaviour exists in the schools the researchers visited and had to be curbed for better academic performance. The evidence appeared clearly that many universal prevention programs and early intervention programs, which include guidance and counseling and family component, offer statistically significant success to decreasing the rate of behaviour indicated of socially maladjusted behaviour. The paper recommends among other things that teachers should seek assistance from the special education assessment centers to ascertain the behaviour, identify the specifics of the problem behaviour and the conditions that prompt it and reinforce it, so that the learners can be placed in the right institutions or even be taken to hospital for medication.


Keywords: Socially maladjusted behaviour, academic performance, public schools, specific intervention measures