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The Skin: Goal of the EU Polybioskin Project.

1P. Morganti, 2M. B.Coltelli, 2S. Danti, 3E. Bugnicourt




Accepted 24th October, 2017


Cosmetic, personal care, sanitary and advanced medications have an increasing global market of about 50 billion dollars. All these products are in continuous contact with the skin and therefore, have to be produced with a high grade of safeness. Moreover they have to be possibly biodegradable and really effective. The EU PolyBioSkin research project aims to produce them by the use of biopolymers obtained from waste materials in order to reduce the petrol-based polymers also. This paper will report some data recovered by the first PolyBioSkin consortium kick off meeting organized by the SME project coordinator IRIS last July in Spain.


Keywords: PolyBioSkin Project; Facial Beauty Masks; Advanced Medications; Electrospinning; Baby Diapers; Chitin Nanofibril; Polylactic acid; Filaggrin.