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Investigating the Impact of a Healthy Relationship on Ghanaian Men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and Cultural Issues In Ghana-A discussion paper on the Physical and psychosocial effects of the disease and its treatment

Raphael Obu

This assignment examines the impact of a healthy relationship on stage at diagnosis, use of definite therapy, and prostate cancer mortality among Ghanaian Men. To examine the literature in violation to the physical and psychosocial effects of healthy relationship on prostate cancer survival rates among men and its treatment, looking at quality of life, the conflict of interest regarding treatment options between indigenous Herbal Practitioners and the medical practitioners and service delivery implications in Ghana. A healthy relationship shows a significant improvement on patient’s survival rate when diagnosed with Prostate cancer. Married patients were less likely to present with metastatic disease and more likely to receive definitive therapy and less likely to die as a result of their cancer after adjusting for demographics, stage, and treatment. These associations remained significant when each individual cancer was analyzed. The benefits associated with a healthy relationship such as marriage was greater in males than females for all outcome measures analyzed. For prostate, breast, colorectal, esophageal and head/neck cancers, the survival benefit associated with marriage was larger than the published survival benefit of chemotherapy. The physical and psychosocial effect of a healthy relationship on cancer survival rates appears high and more effective than chemotherapy. Even after adjusting for known-confounders, unmarried patients are significantly higher risk of presentation with metastatic cancer, under treatment, and death resulting from the cancer. This literature highlights the potentially significant impact that social support can have on cancer detection, treatment, and survival. With view of this women have no option but to stand by their Men in these challenging times like this.


Keywords: Prostate cancer, healthy relationship, quality of life, psychosocial, Ghanaian men