Global Research Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology

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Burnout Syndrome and Worker Mental Health

¹Moraes, Poliana de Lourdes and 2Scatolin, Henrique Guilherme



Accepted 10th August, 2016


This paper shows that exhaustion or mental stress added to the physical load that accompanies that exhaustion may come from the stressor workplace. Such fact has been widely observed in the present days; although most mental health issues in the organizational context are still parts of a difficult subject to talk about. Both in production lines or offices, Burnout Syndrome is a common reality shared by most workers. Starting from this context, this paper aims to discuss the worker mental health, and the central issue is the occurrence of Burnout Syndrome and how this can be prevented by promoting the Quality of Working Life, in order to develop and maintain the workers’ motivation and commitment, also taking into account the organizational culture prevalence. This paper developed a literature review based on information about the syndrome and highlighted the importance of an environment that can show health benefits. This research results points to the need for including programs to promote the Quality of Working Life to ensure the worker motivation, satisfaction and empowerment to maintain mental health. Therefore, it is concluded that organizations still need to identify the worker as the company main power so that the end result is a common good to both.


 Keywords: Burnout Syndrome; Quality of Working Life; Worker Mental Health, motivation; mental stress.