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Assesment of Factors Determining Anc Utilizationamong Women Who Gave Birth In Dire Dawa Town At Gendekore Kebele From January 1 – February 30, 2015.

1Daniel Adane, 2Lebeza Alemu 2Getnet Gedefaw and 3Fekadu waltengus.



Accepted 24th February, 2017


Every year approximately 600,000 women die and some 62 million women suffer from pregnancy and delivery related problem at the height of their productivity and family responsibility. Around 80% of maternal deaths are the result of complication arising during pregnancy, delivery and purperium. However most of such death can be prevented by proper utilization of maternal health care service provided in health institution. The aim of this study  was to identify factors determining the utilization of antenatal care among women who gave birth  in Dire Dawa town Gendekore kebele  from January1 to February 30,2015. Community based Descriptive cross sectional study was conducted in Dire Dawa town Gendekore Kebele from January 1 to February 30. A total of 357 mothers who gave birth  were selected from Keble of Dire Dawa town. Systematic Sampling technique is used after getting the starting household by simple random ( lottery ) sampling method. This study revealed that antenatal care service utilization in the study area was 86.8%. However, from those who attended antenatal care service 96.52%got antenatal care visit greater or equal to four and significant proportion  3.48%had less than four visits. Husband attitude ,unwanted pregnancy, and too far facility  were major predictors of antenatal care service utilization. Though the antenatal care service utilization is high in the study population, four in ten of the mothers did not have the minimum number of visits recommended by World Health Organization. Promoting information, education and communication in the community is recommended to favorably affect the major predictors of antenatal care service utilization.


Keywords: ANC, factors, Dire Dawa