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Factors associated with breakfast skipping among urban adults in Bangladesh

1Shatabdi Goon, 2Munmun Shabnam and 1Md. Saiful Islam




Accepted 2nd June, 2014


Breakfast consumption has been identified as an important factor in the nutritional well-being of adults. The aim of the present study was to determine the prevalence of skipping breakfast and factors associated with skipping breakfast among urban adults of Bangladesh. A cross-sectional descriptive study was performed among 426 urban adults aged between 20 to 60 in Dhaka, Bangladesh using a self-administered questionnaire. The prevalence of skipping breakfast in relation to lifestyle habits was described and factors associated with breakfast consumption were identified using multiple logistic regression analysis. The overall prevalence of skipping breakfast was 39.5% and 60.5% for males and females, respectively. Logistic regression models found that the main factors associated with breakfast skipping among urban adults were gender, age, education, occupation, physical condition, appetite, sleeping quality and weight status. Breakfast skipping is highly prevalent among urban adult population in Bangladesh. Health promotion strategies should be used to encourage all adults to eat breakfast regularly.


Keywords: Breakfast consumption, healthy lifestyle, breakfast skipping, factors, health status, urban adults