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Is the World Global or is the North opposed to the South and the West to the East?

Adriana Galvani





Accepted 20th October, 2014


The fall of the Berlin Wall, the expected accession of Turkey to EU, the two Iraqi wars and the deaths of Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden and Muammar al-Gaddafi, the troubles in North Africa, Egypt, Syria, are posing, once more, the question of the contrasts and their possible solutions among different political systems, religious convictions, oriental traditions and western habits. The contrasts between the two worlds have always been aggressive and they don’t cease, at the opposite, sometimes they grow heavier. The E-W oppositions are adjoined to former N-S disparities which contributed to make our world and even EU internally differentiated. Then, for the moment it seems not possible, not only to realize any sort of global world, but even one simple kind of a limited globalization which could recall the ancient grandeur of the cultures along the Mediterranean Sea, as in the huge past of  Greek civilization and Roman Empire times. For the moment we only do have a “global war”. Probably a role of mediator can be played by some countries, like Turkey or Albania which are geographically and culturally in the middle of two conceptions of life


Keywords: Globalization, Culture, war, Muslims, West, East