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Nano Titanium from Ilmenite Ore

IA. Ibrahim1, T.A. Elbarbary2, N. Abdelaty3, A.T. Kandil4, H.K. Farhan5



Accepted 18th March, 2019


The current research objected to evaluate the leaching of Abu Ghalaga ilmenite ore by hydrochloric acid and simultaneous reduction by iron powder method to dissolve its titanium and iron contents.  Iron content in the produced liquor is separated by solvent extraction using TBP as a solvent.   Parameters influence the potentiality of the leaching process were carefully screened including the acid concentration, solid/liquid ratio which controls the ilmenite/acid molar ratio, temperature, time and grain size. The optimum conditions that maximize the leaching found as 30% HCl acid with a solid/liquid ratio of 1/30 at 80°C for 4 h using ore ground to -350 mesh size. Simultaneously, all parameters influenced the solvent extraction and stripping of iron content from the obtained liquor were evaluated. Results appears that, the most value extraction was by solvent/solution 1/1 and shaking at 240 RPM duration 45 minutes and temperature at 30 °C where as best striping of iron at H2O/solvent 2/1. At optimum conditions produce  nanotitanium and study the microbian effects and take its photo.


Keywords: Ilmenite ore, HCl Leaching, Solvent extraction of Titanium