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Impacts of anthropogenic activities on fish habitat, breeding ground, and macrophytes of lake Lugo

Dereje Tewabe, Birhan Mohamed and Binyam Hailu



Accepted 3rd April, 2015


Data was collected from November, 2012 to June, 2014. Three sampling sites were Ankerkeha, river mouth; Zegeta which is an open water that represents lake mean depth. And areas at which remnants of vegetation are observed (Gedam sefer). At these three sites hysic-chemical parameters and stretched mesh sizes of 6cm, 8cm, 10cm, 12cm and 14cm were used to evaluate water quality and catch per unit efforts for fish stock. Echo sounder device was used to evaluate its depth. Fishing activities were aggregated at shore areas where the fingerlings are fed, grown up with different type of maternity cares of the different fish species found in the lake. In most cases, even if fishing activity is underway during night time it is not uncommon to see fishers encircled with narrow monofilament gillnet followed by chasing and dragging towards a certain point that initially pointed somewhere.   Fishers catch by such type mainly O. niloticus with TL ranges from 12 cm to 16 cm with 13.5 cm mean length and ripened at 15.1 cm. This indicates that there is over fishing in lake Lugo. This needs an immediate management plan to cop up the existing fishing pressure and ecosystem degradation of important habitats through different anthropogenic activities.


Keywords: Anthropogenic activities, fish habitat, breeding ground, and macrophytes, lake Lugo