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Effect of Turmeric (Curcuma longa) Supplementation on Growth Performance, Feed Utilization, and Resistance of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) to Pseudomonas fluorescens Challenge

*1Manal M. A. Mahmoud, 2Maather M.M. El-Lamie, 3Amina A. Dessouki and 4Mohamed S. Yusuf




Accepted 16th December, 2014


180 Nile tilapia fish were used in 3 months growth trial to study the effect of turmeric on growing tilapia. Fish were divided into three treatment groups. The first group T1 was given the basal diet without any supplementation of turmeric and served as the control group. The second groupT2 was given diet supplemented by 0.25% turmeric powder. The third groupT3 was given diet supplemented by 0.50% turmeric powder. At the end of the growth trial, fish were challenged with pathogenic Pseudomonas fluorescence. Turmeric supplementation non-significantly improved growth performance. There was a trend of higher values with increasing the turmeric supplementation level, and significant improvement in feed consumption in T3 compared toT1 and T2. Fish body composition was affected by turmeric supplementation. Crude protein content was significantly increased in T3 compared to T1. Ether extract content was significantly decreased with increasing the turmeric supplementation level as T1 was the highest in ether extract content and T3 was the lowest, this was significantly reflected on the gross energy (GE) content of the fish. The clinical signs in the challenged fishes were observed at the second day post injection. Fish showed loss of balance, excessive mucus secretions on skin and gills, ascites with slightly protruded reddish vent and hemorrhages all over the body surface, frayed and torn tail and fins, with no mortalities in the 0.50% turmeric supplemented group.  We concluded that 0.50% turmeric supplementation may improve growth performance and significantly protect fish against P. fluorescens. 


Keywords: Turmeric, growth performance, Nile tilapia, Pseudomonas fluorescens challenge