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China’s Economic Miracles and the Statecraft

Dr Sheo Nandan Pandey and Prof Hem Kusum

Statecraft has invariably been part of economic growth and development model in China. The paper draws on hard facts attributed published accounts in the works of a host of creditable works in the field. Notwithstanding, the hypothesis finds testification in rather tell tale accounts of the Chinese operatives. While threat perceptions of the Chinese espionage activities in the developed and developing world vary, the paper schematically discovers the viability the Chinese economic espionage mechanism as an engine of economic expansion in perspective. The study bears out the dangers of the Chinese economic pursuit on various counts including level playing prowess of the victims. As reengineering could seldom be a substitute for original innovations, the victims of the Chinese economic espionage pursuit could do better to focus on their edge and put their own house in order. The puts across the tool, techniques and pulsate factors behind the Chinese enterprise.

   Keywords: Economic growth, development model, China