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Procurement Systems in Selected Institutions/Sectors in Bangladesh: A Critical Analysis

1Md. Sharif-ul-Alam and 2Richard DLC Gonzales



Accepted 28th July, 2016.


This paper discusses the procurement systems in selected institutions and sections in Bangladesh.  The paper is anchored on importance of procurement within government agencies and private companies and the role in globalization, information technology and changing approaches to production and management and the emphasis on core competencies of procurement specialists in the country.  Adhering to a descriptive research, the researchers investigated the procurement systems of selected sectors/institutions in Bangladesh.  Specifically, the researchers investigated the practices, activities and challenges of procurement system of the country. Interview checklist was used to collect empirical data based on the research objectives. This was by conducting key informant interview and administering the interview checklist to the purposively samples respondents. Both qualitative and quantitative approach in data analysis were used. Results show that most respondents are professional prepared to undertake procurement functions in their organizations. The main procurement activities being done is on purchasing followed by supply planning. Budgeting the least procurement activity being done. Implication training and development of procurement specialists and practitioners in the country are also discussed in the paper.


Keywords: procurement systems, Bangladesh.