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Knowing your customers to serve them better: Enduring involvement approach

Osadebamwen Anthony Ogbeide




Accepted 29th December, 2014


Geographic and demographic segmentation methods have often been considered as ineffective ways of segmenting markets as consumers within these segments have been studied to behave differently in buying situations. The purpose of this study is to segment wine consumers based on their level of enduring involvement. A convenience sample of 145 wine consumers was chosen and interviewed using questionnaires. A new enduring involvement measurement instrument scale to segment wine consumer market into low, moderate and high enduring involvement segments was developed and tested. Data was analysed using the PASW (SPSS) statistical software package. The results indicate that majority of wine consumers (58%) have moderate enduring involvement. Low enduring involvement consumers present 27% of the sample while 15% of the respondents are high enduring involvement consumers. The characteristic differences between the segments are detailed in the result.


Keyword: Consumers; enduring; involvement; marketers; market; motivation; segmentation motivation