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Creativity in Artistically Uninformed Environment: Nigeria Perspective





Accepted 29th June, 2020.


Creativity is considered to be ability to bring into existence something new or original. The study observes that Nigeria has more than 600 ethnic groups, yet lacks the potential for originality or something new politically, economically, culturally, technologically and educationally. Creatively and artistically, Nigeria should be the greatest on planet following a long history of creative and artistic creations from prehistoric times till date – Igboukwu, Nok, Esie, Benin, Ondo examples. The study situates Nigeria as retrogressive and retarded in creative, cultural, artistic and technological breakthroughs. Participant observation including primary and secondary sources of data collation were used to achieve the objectives of the study. Some of the findings include that if the needful has or is done, Nigeria would have been bigger and greater nation than what she is presently. Greed, corruption, lack of vision, planlessness take precedence over the needful. These and more are followed by conclusion and recommendations.


Keywords: Creativity, Nigeria,