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Visual Arts: Dependable Path To Sustainable Development In Nigeria





Accepted 30th June, 2020.


Misplacement of priority is the bane of Nigeria contemporary society. much so that any policy that is not directly related to politics, looting, corruption, terrorism and all that could galvanize underdevelopment are not given due attention. Over dependency on oil may not be the best option, hence the absolute need for diversification of all sectors of the economy to achieve a dependable solution to numerous problems of Nigeria - politically, economically, technologically, culturally and religiously including education. It is in view of this, therefore, that the study considers visual arts as dependable path to sustainable development in Nigeria. Different studies may have been carried out on socio-economic, cultural and political economy of Nigeria but no comprehensive study in this direction hence the study. The study relies strongly on primary and secondary sources of data collation to achieve the objectives of the study. Some of the findings include that Nigeria is in dire need of diversification and restructuring of the economic and political system. Again, Visual arts could serve effectively as dependable path to sustainable development and others. These are followed by conclusion and recommendations.


Keywords: Visual Arts, Development, Nigeria