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Visual Arts Culture and the Nigeria Environment; Panacea for Sustainable Development

Osita, Williams A. Ph.D.





Accepted 24th January, 2020.


Misplacement of priorities may be considered one of the major setbacks associated with developing economies, particularly, Nigeria, indeed, Africa. Any issue that is not connected to looting, oil, politics and corruption is not given a due attention thereby, inspiring underdevelopment, hunger, migration and over dependency on importation of foreign goods. The study observes that the system in Nigeria context, has produced a pedestal, framework and a leadership that is not concerned with the welfare of the people, particularly, human capacity, economic growth, social system and others. Closure of borders, law against hate speech, urges for absolute power, marginalization of some tribes or geopolitical zones in Nigeria may not be a lasting solution to the economic woes of Nigeria at the moment. In view of these, therefore, the study tries to situate visual arts, culture environmental resource management and others as effective panacea for sustainable development. Different researches have been carried out, but no comprehensive studies in this direction hence the study. The objectives are achieved by employing participant observation method, including primary and secondary sources of data collation. Some of the findings includes the needful environment, visual arts and others are grossly neglected leading to chaos and anarchy and agitations, visual arts is effective panacea for sustainable growth and development and others. These paved way for conclusion and recommendations.


Keywords: Visual Arts Culture, Nigeria, Sustainable Development