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Educational Goals & Learning Strategy: the Case of E-Learning

Prof. Zohar Ben-Asher




Accepted 15th November, 2016.


The paper examines the educational (and schooling processes) as related to the overall social, political and economic processes, so as to set the context within which e-Learning has to be explored and discussed. Issues discussed in this paper include the economic implications of the educational system, the extent to which economic considerations and realities that should actually taken into account in curricula building and in the process of teacher training, along with the notion of acquisition of knowledge and/or information. The paper portrays the parameters that are required to create a well-balanced strategy for the developing of e-Learning as a major vehicle for the implementation of the overall social goals of education, of which one essential seems to be lacking at times. This is, of course, the preparation of the system’s customer, that is, the pupil, as a critical observer of reality and a careful discriminative customer of the ever-developing consumption oriented society.


Keywords: Education; Learning; Value System; Knowledge; Information; Strategy; Educational; Policies; e-Learning; e-Education; e-Economy; Economics of Education; Economic Implications; Understanding; Social Impact; Schooling; Dissemination (of knowledge)