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Economic Analysis of Consumer Demand for Chicken Meats in Rural and Urban Household of Ondo State.

Toluwase,S.O.W and Kolapo, A.



Accepted 18th December, 2016


The study investigated the consumer demand for chicken meat in the rural and urban household of ondo state. The respondents were interviewed with the aid of a well-structured questionnaire. 120 respondents were purposively selected and used for the survey. The findings revealed that chicken meat is widely consume among male (51.67%) and female (48.33%) and also an even distribution of age shows that chicken meat is being consume by both youths and adults. The study also conclude that there’s no religion implication on the consumption of chicken meat in the study area, as all the religion, Christianity (46.67%), Islam (40.83%), and traditional (12.5%) religion all consume chicken meat. The study revealed that the chicken meat consumers consume more of imported chicken (98kg/month) than the local chicken (22kg/month) in the study area which was largely attributed to price. The study also revealed the respondents preferences for attributes of local and imported chicken which include price, taste, freshness, convenience and origin. The study shows that respondents’ attributes of imported chicken are positively correlated for price, freshness, convenience and origin. The research established that own price, household size, respondents income and price of close substitutes (price of turkey, price of fish, and price of cow hide) are important determinant factors that influence the demand for chicken meat in the study area.


Keywords: chicken meat, consumer demand, rural and urban household.