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Rethinking an Integrated Community Development Approach for Resettlement and Rehabilitation of the Displaced People in Nigeria

Adamu Isah



Accepted 28th May, 2016


Resettlement programmes in recent times have become predominantly focused on the process of physical relocation rather than on the infrastructural, economic, social and educational development of the displaced people. This has adversely affected the development effectiveness of resettlement and rehabilitation programmes and increased the impoverishment, insecurity and hygienic risk of the displaced people. The concomitant loss of economic power with the breakdown of livelihood systems results in often irreversible decline in living standards leading to marginalization, emotional trauma and overt stigmatization. To substantiate this observation, this paper seeks to make a theoretical analysis based on secondary sources and other available information to call for rethink on integrated community development strategy for resettlement and rehabilitation of the displaced people. Therefore the paper focuses on the concept of resettlement, rehabilitation, and displaced people, causes of resettlement and integrated community development for effective resettlement and rehabilitation. This will to some extent provide both government and non-governmental agencies an insight into proper resettlement practices.  It recommended that any resettlement and rehabilitation programme should always aim at providing a comprehensively better condition far beyond the pre-displacement period.


Keywords: Resettlement, rehabilitation, displaced people, integrated community development (ICD)