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Reality Television or Television Reality Shows: Forms, Genres and Modes.

1,3Ikoro E.A, 2Omessah C.C and 2Ekevere F.O




Accepted 3rd November, 2015


This study explores reality television as almost an infinite range of subject matters and reality television as a direct television programming genre which is an evolving phenomenon that cannot be given any conclusive analysis. The focus of this paper is to examine the concept of reality television programmes/shows, vis-à-vis its various sub-genres, forms and modes.  In doing this, various Literature on similar topics were used to drive home the discussion. We answered the question of What is Reality Television?. A synoptic historical view was also given to enhance the understanding of the subject matter. The various Reality Television genres and its sub-genres are also discussed. A further explanation of the various impacts of Reality Television was done to make the discussion a holistic one.


Keywords: Reality Television, genres, forms and modes