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What do boys and girls think about technology?

1Monobe R.J, 1Lumadi M.W and *2Tholo J.A.T.



Accepted 16th April, 2015


The purpose of this article is to give a snapshot of the variables on attitudes and concepts of learners towards technology as a learning area in schools. The research was designed from a constructivist perspective. The questionnaire was employed to gather data about the attitude of learners towards the implementation of technology education in the North West Province. Data was collected using the simple random sampling procedure involving 7634 learners in the North West Province. The questionnaires were then analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The variables on learner attitudes towards technology were discovered to be crucial for the implementation of technology in schools. The data on the attitudes towards technology indicates that as learners progress from grades 7 to 9 (ages 12 to 14), their attitudes and concepts become more positive and this depends on how technology is taught in the classroom. There was significant main effect for the variable of gender on attitude, meaning that there is a significant difference between boys and girls in the positiveness of their attitudes towards technology, with boys being more positive. This is considered as an area that needs development, and emphasizes the importance of gender equity programmes in technology education.


Keywords: Boys and girls, technology, North West Province