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An approach for the implementation of technology education in schools in the North West Province

Tholo J.A.T, Monobe R.J. and Lumadi M.W.




Accepted 8th April, 2015


The study is about the implementation of Technology as a learning area with specific reference to the North West Province of South Africa. Technology Education needs approaches that build upon the best thinking in the field and take into account the needs of the learners and the educators. The approach needs to address the context within which Technology is offered. The main aim of the study was to design an approach for implementing Technology Education in schools in the North West Province. The approach developed in this study was shown to hold promise as a reliable and useful tool for implementing Technology. The potential benefits range from aiding the identification of capacity building approaches to assessing learners in the classroom. Without adequate assessment procedures, technology education cannot reach its full potential and it will continue to struggle for recognition and acceptance with the greater educational community. This article describes an approach developed for implementing technology in senior phase schools (12 to 14 year old learners) in the North West Province.


Keywords: Technology, technology education, curriculum, implementation, and approach.