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Assessment of students’ performance in mathematics at the second cycle schools in the Kassena–Nankana municipality

*Kwesi Amanyi Churcher, Lloyd Asiedu-Owuba and Michael Adjabui




Accepted 7th January, 2015


The study was aimed at assessing students’ performances in mathematics of some selected senior high schools in the Kassena Nankana municipality  in the Upper East Region of Ghana. A total sample of one hundred and forty (140) students from three (3) selected schools in the Municipality was used for the study. The target population for the study was the final years of all the selected schools. The three (3) schools were considered as strata. With the help of some Teachers, the questionnaires were administered by using purposive sampling technique. Statistical Product and Service Solution (SPSS) version 16 was used in generating several outputs for analysis. The Multiple linear regressions were used for some of the analysis. The research findings indicated that, the major factors that cause students’ low performance of students included teacher performance and inadequate textbooks. This implies that teacher performance is very necessary for a student to perform well as well as inadequate textbook. Parental factor and extra-curricular activities affect students’ performances. The study also revealed that to assess students’ performances, the variables must be taking into consideration: attendance of students in class, solving of mathematical problems on their own, engaging themselves in extra classes, students having study group and duration students study outside the classroom.


Keywords: Students’ Mathematics, performances, Kassena Nankana municipality, Upper East Region of Ghana