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Factors Influencing Teachers’ Implementation of Early Childhood Development Education Programme in Lugari District, Kenya

Mandila Ben Shikomera



Accepted 6th February, 2019


Early Childhood Development and Education is a very important level of education as it forms the foundation for further learning.  Due to this, the demand for this level of education has increased in recent years. In Kenya, the government has developed policies to guide the implementation process of ECDE programmes. However, the implementation process is quite dismal. Factors leading to this dismal implementation process have not been adequately investigated and understood hence hindering the development of Early Childhood Development and Education in the country. To this end, this study sought to determine the factors influencing teachers’ implementation of Early Childhood Development and Education programmes in Lugari District. Specifically the study sought to find out the level of training among the ECDE teachers and to establish the educational resources available in Early Childhood Development and Education centres, The study used descriptive survey design. Fredrick Froebel theory was used for the study. Using a sample of 15%, stratified and proportionate sampling techniques, a total of 61 ECDE centers and 89 ECDE teachers, 61 primary school head teachers were selected from the three divisions of Lugari district. The study established that there was low level of training among the ECDE teachers in the district and that some of the crucial educational resources were lacking in ECDE centres. The study recommended that ECDE trained teachers should be absorbed by the Teachers Service Commission and that public advocacy to inform parents about the positive impacts of ECDE pedagogy should be conducted.


Keywords: Teachers, Implementation, Early Childhood Development Education, Programme, Lugari.