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Rural Tourism: Hidden Treasures of Destination

Prof. Prem Sharma




Accepted 16th September, 2019


Scope of tourism development in South Asia (hereafter mentioned as SA)is boundless and so the village tourism. Tourism has been one of the fastest growing industries in recent decades across the globe and its  importance is likely to increase even more in daysahead.Nepal, one of the SA countries is the hub of tourist destination. She has nature and culture as potential tourism products.Sky to land, i.e., Mt. Everest, the highest peak of the world to Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha per se, are known products all across the globe. Such salient products are unique in SA.  Nature’s endowments  to manmade artifacts and cultural heritages attract tourists from dawn to dusk in this region. AtithiDewoBhawa( a guest is a deity ) is the motto of SA, culture of hospitality. Tourism is an entrepreneur where a big business takes place between two parties and along/among a series of stakeholders. A tourist is a thirsty man with money and curiosity. The two parties’ interests converge into satisfaction. A triangulation takes place among three elements- product-entrepreneur-tourists. Different sub-systems and entrepreneurs work together in this business. Tourist desires to quench the thirst of mind and does not much carefor  money when highest happiness takes place. Tourism is reciprocal business of products and human thirst. Sustainable rural tourism takes place if home grown resources are used and natural setting is preserved. Promotion of tourism highly depends upon the active participation of private sectors and communities where the role of government is simply facilitation. RT is synonyms of domestic tourism. SA comprise of all products of rural tourism. It has vertical and horizontal tourism corridors; i.e., ecological patterns. This part of the world has ample and incredible potentiality of rural tourism. A tourist can see famine to feast  and so the area has a hidden treasure fortourism. Rural Tourism in SA can provide all scopes of destinations,however, very little  has so far  been explored and marketed.


Keywords: Community-based village tourism, ethnographic tourism, rural tourism, home-stay,  eco-tourism