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Learner’s Response to Threat Situations in the Academic Environment

Richard Kojo Eshun




Accepted June 28th, 2019.


Threats development in any environment is a serious issue that, no one is ever ready to welcome it. It retards progress and produce minimum outcomes. In a school situation, academic results are almost destroyed every year, and teachers are reluctant to serve their nation’s assignment as teachers there. In all of these, whether the learning environment is prone to threat cases or not, there must be ways and means to allow learning in the school. The managements are all the time with strategies to deal with threat. They always document, report to the authorities, and involve the community in discussions to address situations of threat. Here comes the question, on how learner’s coped with threats and studies their books for their future! This has brought to the light for analyses in research on how learner struggle in the midst of threat and studies to pass successfully.


Keywords: Threats, Academic, Environment, and Peer Group