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Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy of Nigeria

Dr. Omotosho I.F.



Accepted 3rd October, 2018.


It is incontrovertible that one of the significant innovation in our constitutions in recent times is the inclusion of fundamental objectives and directive principle of state policy of Nigeria. However, it is not an understatement  to say that the provisions on fundamental objectives and directives principles of state policy of Nigeria as enshrined in the 1979, 1989 and 1999 constitutions of the federal republic of Nigeria (as amended) are controversial. The controversy trailing the provision is not  unconnected to its non enforceability and judiciability in our law courts. People have argued that the enforceability and judiciability have made the provisions unachievable, incapable of furthering the aims of good governance and sustainable development. I beg to differ. This paper wants to argue that even though all values are enforceable in the courts of public opinion, not all values(rights) are enforceable in the law courts. Thus the non-justifiability does not make the ideals and values (rights) unachievable and unimportant.


Keywords: fundamental objectives, state policy, Nigeria.