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Adoption of Continual Curricular Review Examinations to Increase Retention in the Health Sciences.

Lindsay Gielda* and Vanessa Quinn




Accepted 20th October, 2017


Performance in high attrition rate pre-requisite courses are known to be strong indicators of success and development of novel teaching strategies often focus on these courses, without addressing the continuance of knowledge within a curriculum.   As Anatomy and Physiology (AandP) courses have some of the highest failure rates and are a requirement for most nursing programs, this study aimed to identify deficiencies in the transference of AandP knowledge through an examination and content review in Pathopharmacology courses.  The results of the examination demonstrated a significant lack of AandP knowledge retention (average scores were 41.6% and 47.3%).  Following the intervention, performance on HESI subject courses significantly improved (p=0.0007 and p = 0.0084).   Review of pre-requisite material for courses with high attrition rates can have a significant impact on student success.  This methodology addresses the transfer of knowledge between courses within a curriculum, and allows for student-managed learning. .


Keywords: Anatomy and Physiology, attrition rates, module development, review examination.