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Supervision: A Clinical Tool for Developing Learners in their Academic Environment

Richard Kojo Eshun



Accepted 17th April, 2018.


A learner’s head is a tabular razor, there are always directions and super visions, clinically before the career destiny is reached. In education supervision is a key developing tool in sharpening the learner.  Therefore supervision starts from the compound through the structures, learners, teachers, learning materials, academic calendars, head teachers, officers, directorates of education, parents and guardians of learners, ministries of education, UNESCO,UNICEF and the general Union of Nation.  So with these, clinical supervisory roles are put in place to meeting the targets of education. More often than not, supervisions are intended to bring positive change and healthy developmental growth. A new library for the cluster schools will soon be completed; this is to lift the schools to a higher learning centre.  In this case, learners are to put in maximum effort in their reading finding so as to augment the effort of the school. This is the time that the cluster schools have to be supervised and directed clinically, so that learners needs within this development, can be more transparent for choices of careers from the learning environment.  Therefore, the supervisory need of this learning environment has prompted the selection of the topic, supervision; A clinical tool for developing learners in their academic environment.


Keywords: Clinical Supervision, Academic environment,