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The effect of obedience on the learner in the Learning Environment.

Richard Kojo Eshun



Accepted 6th September, 2017.


It has been the norm in every school setting to cultivate in their learning environment, good moral Behavioural mechanisms, that ensure discipline and obedience in and around the learning compounds.So we normally say a discipline student is always brilliant. This always become one of the major tools in our teaching, so that a holistic aspect of the student would have the changed Behaviour wanted by education.Discipline is all the time emulated therefore, as the teacher put up discipline clothes become a role model to the learners.When the prevailing atmosphere of the school is full of discipline, the prescribe attitude needed for academic development is achieved. These schools have several acts in various forms to mold the learners.  Their monitoring in the aspects of Church services, compound development, time consciousness to classroom activities, regularity to school, dress codes and many others.The good effect of obedience outnumber the ill effect of it.  So it is important to always ensure that students obey rules and regulations.  In as much as we wanted the students to be obedient in school, teachers are also expected to work with a regulatory code of conduct that will portray this modesty and obedience.

It is in this view that this write-up is based for a comprehension research package.


Keywords: Obedience, learner,  Learning Environment.