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The Effect of Group Work Strategy on Students Achievement

Ahlam Aljohani



Accepted 25th December, 2017.


The purpose of this research study is to answer the following question: Does using of group work strategy effect higher achievement scores? With the transformation of modern development of teaching methods, an urgent need for trained teachers appeared on the use of a variety of different strategies of teaching methods, so when teachers design education methods, they must think to the way that student group is taken as a hub of learning, such as research projects. Sixty female students ranging in age from 11-12 will be haphazardly selected. Sixty students will be from sixth grade, and they will part into two groups. The experimental group will be together and do group work by researching one subject daily for three months, while the comparison group will complete their research by themselves. The researcher will utilize a quantitative methodology with a randomized control group, pre-test\ post-test experimental research design. Participants will have done a test while they will be in a group The score will let the researcher to determined the student’s achievement level before whenthey were in traditional class and after the study when they will do group work.


Keywords: Group Work, Increase, Achievement.