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How Prepared are Teachers as Agents of Change: Ethics and Values Considered

Eshun RK


*Corresponding author: Eshun RK | Received: 10.04.2022 | Accepted: 14.04.2022 | Published: 18/04/2022 |

Abstract Teacher, the future developer, has an enormous role to play in this contemporary world, which are fully driven by technological advancement. There have been many social outcry about the behavioural output of this current generations, some of whom come out of schools to be seen as burden on societies. Teachers are questionable to these upsurge and they should be answerable to this. The question is, are teachers well trained to manage students through ethics and value driven curriculum? No one answers this, than teachers themselves, because they are at the forefront of behavioural changes.  With sustainable development strategies and attitudes as their tools, teachers as change agents are seen as they uphold their duties in the fight of behaviour changes. How prepared teachers are dependent on academic development, professional growth, code of conduct and government directives. Agent of change depend on the ability to apply the gained knowledge on the field. The task to inculcate values and good moral in young generation is a huge and challenging one. Teachers are therefore asked constantly to upgrade to meet future challenges. Teachers form unions to help them share ideas in the professional engagements, which help them prepare adequately as change agents. This means that they can collectively support each other in times of challenges. Teachers prepare themselves professionally through conferences, workshops, seminars, symposiums. This paper seeks to identify teacher’s preparedness in their line of duties as agents of change


Keywords: Ethics, Values. Teachers. Agents. Change, Development, Professional, and Prepared