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Integrating Technology into Mathematics Education in the Saudi Context

Dr. Zafer F Alshehri



Accepted April 15th, 2014


This paper aimed to investigate technology integration into mathematics education in the Saudi context. To achieve that, a wide range of literature was critically reviewed, including research articles, books, government records, dissertations and web sites. As a result, technology has an impact on every aspect of modern life, its use considered as one of the most critical issues facing teacher education programs, and its progress has inevitably made a variety of new demands in all school disciplines such as mathematics. Consequently, mathematics curriculum and its components (objectives, content, teaching activities, and evaluation styles) are changing. The integration of technology into mathematics education in Saudi environment is considered as one of the current, issues under-investigation; and the term of integration is still a controversy for a great number of mathematics educators and teachers. In addition, recent studies have shown the need to better align mathematics teachers’ preparation with the integration of technology in mathematics classrooms. In the light of findings, the paper recommended integrating technology into mathematics education, and suggested the topic itself can be searched further.


Keywords: Mathematics education, integration, technology, Saudi context.