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Depression on the Quality of Life Style on Married Couples in Wukari LGA

Allison BR, Alex N, Victor AO


*Corresponding Author:  Allison BR,     Received:6/6/2022| Accepted: 8/6/2022 |Published: 10/6/2022| |

Abstract: This study examined the dyadic approach to infertility stress, marital adjustment, and depression on quality of life in infertile couples, with a view to make useful suggestions and recommendations as way of alienating the infertility stress, marital adjustment, and depression on quality of life in infertile couples. The population for the study includes indigenes and non- indigenes of Wukari LGA, Taraba State and the sampling method adopted for the study is the stratified random sampling in order to ensure adequate representation of the population. In order to achieve the objective of making useful suggestions that would improve the child development, three hypotheses were made and tested. Samples of one hundred (100) responses were collected and analyzed using the Independent Samples Test statistic. It was discovered that: Psychological trauma due to infertility, crying for days due to infertility, Blaming one-self for being infertile, Quarrelling with people over the least provocation and Contemplation of suicide for being infertile and it was also observed Sexual Stress When Trying to Conceive among infertile couples in Wukari LGA and Disagreements on When to Seek Help among infertile couples in Wukari LGA. It is recommended that: Infertile persons should not be only physically examined and treated for infertility but should also be given counselling to lessen the psychological trauma attached to infertility and Nurses can play vital roles in counseling infertile couples.

Keywords: Depression, Quality of life, Married Couples,Wukari