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Investigation of the Potency of Continuous Assessment in Promoting Academic Excellence among Students of Federal University Wukari

Alhassan, YJ, Ajibade OV and Odo OJ


*Corresponding Author:    Alhassan YJ,     Received:11/6/2022| Accepted: 15/6/2022 |Published: 20/6/2022|

Abstract: The role played by continuous assessment in promoting academic excellence of students can be judged by making observation and collecting information periodically from specific tasks given to students during their learning process. Present research aimed to explore outcomes of continuous assessment that enhanced the academic excellence of students of Federal University Wukari. A sample of sixty students were taken from various faculties and department across the University for the Experiment. These students were studying various courses in Agriculture, Sciences, Social Sciences, Medicine and Law. Post-test design of control and experimental groups was used. Information on C/A scores of student’s performance was obtained from GST being a directorate for all students to undertake CA assessment. However, questionnaire schedule was also used to collect information from respondents. Independent sample t-test was used as test of significance. It was concluded that continuous assessment had positive effects on students’ academic excellence. It was recommended that teachers who are well versed in evaluation and assessment techniques should be encouraged and their expertise should be utilized for the purpose of enhancing students’ academic excellence in federal university Wukari.


Keywords: Investigation, Potency, Continuous Assessment, Academic excellence, Federal University Wukari


*Corresponding Author:    Alhassan YJ,     Received:11/6/2022| Accepted: 15/6/2022 |Published: 20/6/2022|