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Impact of Frequent ASUU Strikes on University Education in Nigeria. A review

Sanchi ID, Alhassan YJ, Ekenna EN, Adamu N, Sabo YA


*Corresponding author: Sanchi ID | Received: 23.03.2022 | Accepted: 26.03.2022 | Published: 27/03/2022 |

Abstract:  This paper X-rayed the impact of ASUU strike on University education in Nigeria. The paper further explored the objectives of ASUU as a body, the causes of incessant ASUU strikes in Nigerian Universities and the positive and negatives impacts of ASUU strikes on University Education. In the same vein, the paper unveiled the possible ways of managing ASUU strikes in Nigerian Universities. The study found out that, ASUU strike has negative effect on the quality of university graduates that the country produces. In view of this, it was recommended among others that, government should develop actions that will help to check incessant industrial action in Nigerian universities and the educational sector as a whole.  


Keywords: Impact, Frequent ASUU Strikes, University Education, Nigeria