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Identification of Lactobacilli Isolated from Mangrove Biotopes of East Coast of India

*1Thiruneelakandan G, 1Vidya S, 1Vinola Jenifer S, 1Babu V, 1Shanthi V and 2Kathiresan K

The Lactobacilli is gaining more and more important nowadays due to its antimicrobial, antioxidant, anticancer activity. Moreover the lactic acid produced by the Lactobacilli is used in many industries such as food, pharmaceutical, textile, environment and agriculture. By understanding the importance of Lactobacilli a new attempt was made to isolate lactic acid bacteria from the mangroves biotopes of east coast of India. In this study six predominant species of lactobacilli were isolated. Morphological characters, biochemical characters, motile nature, carbohydrate fermentation test revealed the presence of  the species such as L.delbreukii, L.lactis, L.casei, L.xylosus, L.plantarum, and L.curvatus. Hence this research identified the predominant species of lactobacillus from the mangrove biotopes and the potentiality of such species will be studied in future.


Keyword:  Marine lactobacilli, Mangrove, Lactobacillus, Microbial diversity, Genus diagnosis.