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Assessment Of The Effect of Cashless Policy on the Payment Systems in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

Okpede LM and Jikka DD

*Corresponding Author: Okpede LM      Received:29/10//2022| Accepted: 5/11/2022 |Published: 12/11/2022|

Abstract: This research was carried out to assessment the effect of cashless policy on payment system in tertiary institutions of Nasarawa State. A total of three hundred (300) questionnaires were used for the studies whereby two hundred and seventy five (275) questionnaires were retrieved. Survey design was employed to administered questionnaires to the respondents. Data obtained were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The result of the findings revealed that cashless policy has significant impacts on payment system in the study area and has greatly improved e-payment system and reduced financial fraud. Some of the major constraints to effective implementation of cashless policy include; corruption, fraudulent practices, poor power supply, illiteracy and adequate facilities. Based on the findings, it was recommended that Government should be proactive in fight against corruption, government should provide uninterrupted power supply, provide adequate security, create awareness, provide skilled manpower and computer equipment for the smooth e-payment system in tertiary institutions


Key words: e-payment, Cashless, Policy, Point of Sale, Mobile Payment, Money