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Teaching Moral Lessons to Nigerian Children at Basic Education Level Using Fulbe Folktales

Ateequ H.S

*Corresponding Author: Ateequ  HS,     Received:6/9/2022| Accepted: 9/9/2022 |Published: 11/9/2022|

Abstract: This paper dwells on teaching moral lessons to children at the basic education level of education in Nigeria using Fulɓe folktales. Folktales are very important to the lives of the African people, especially the Fulɓe. Specific tales are selected purely for the moral lessons they teach rather than for entertainment only. The tales were originally in Fulfulde and are later rendered in English. The folktales are classified into six categories, namely: human tales, animal tales, human-animal tales, dilemma tales, trickster tales and heroic tales. Each of these classes of tale teach specific morals to the school children. At the end of it all, it is hoped that if the tales are proper taught to school children, they would be guided by the morals taught in them and they would grow into healthy citizens of the country


Keywords: Moral Lessons, Fulbe Folktales, Teaching, Learning

*Corresponding Author: Ateequ  HS,     Received:6/9/2022| Accepted: 9/9/2022 |Published: 11/9/2022|