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A Model for Flipping the Classroom for the Teaching of Pronunciation to Learners of English in Higher Education Institutions

Sabe, Charles Zaure (PhD)





Accepted 10th December, 2019.


This paper argues that flipping the classroom which entails giving students time to study lecture materials online, on their own outside of the class, before joining the class for a thorough examination or discussion of the subject matter, is quite useful and fast gaining currency. The model takes advantage of the fact that we are surrounded by technology in virtually all aspects of our lives. It lends itself favorably to the growing nature of learner populations. Specifically, the paper adopts the teaching of pronunciation, with reference to English vowels, to show the steps involved in the present model of flipping the classroom. Typically, it presents a sample lecture on pronunciation which is meant to be posted online for students to study beforehand.  It concludes that flipping the classroom is a veritable pedagogical model, and recommends that institutions of higher learning should encourage its use and make concerted efforts in providing digital facilities for use by teachers and students.


Keywords: flipping the classroom, pedagogy, technology.