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The Importance of Providing Constructive Feedback in Developing Students’ writing in Universities Of Uzbekistan

Gulandom Bakieva and Kamola Muradkasimova




Accepted 6th April, 2020.


The following scientific article is based on the action research done among EFL educators providing feedback in writing classes, hence it is the most vital guide for students to adapt and adjust their writing strategies. The principle aim in undertaking the following research is to evaluate the Assessment Literacy of Educators and to identify the influence of it in providing constructive feedback to students’ writings in language Universities of Uzbekistan. The research was carried out with the help of two data collection methods: questionnaire and rubric. The questionnaire was conducted with the aim to identify the level of educators’ assessment literacy. And, rubric was used to analyze the feedback given to students’ writings. Both data helped to identify the level of giving assessment feedback. A total of 68 EFL educators and 50 students’ writings were involved in the study.  The result showed that increasing educators assessment literacy level, providing constructive, meaningful, timely feedback and   applying peer assessment and peer –feedback tasks in writing classes are the major inducement factors influencing in development of students’ writings. It is recommended that to ensure the major inducement factors the university have to analyze and make some changes in curriculum. 


Keywords: assessment literacy, assessing writing, constructive feedback, washback, rubric,  rater training.