Global Journal of Food Science and Technology

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Review Work on the Impact of Climate Change on Fish and Fisheries

Kidanie Misganaw, Meseret Bazezew and Addis Getu




Accepted 5th February, 2015


This review work stated that climate changes are recognized as the foremost environmental problem of the twenty-first century and subject of considerable debate and controversy. Alteration between two different periods of time is the major courses of climate change occurred in a specific area. Both natural and anthropogenic activities are affecting the habitat of fish earth’s temperature and it’s climatic. Additionally climate change is the cusses of fishing mortality, loss of habitat, pollution, disturbance and introducing new species. This review assessed that there is increasing concern over the consequences of climate change for fisheries production and the state of marine ecosystems. Changes in distribution, species composition and habitats will require changes in fishing practices and aquaculture operations, as well as in the location of landing, farming and processing facilities. Most marine and aquatic animals are cold-blooded and their metabolic rates are strongly affected by external environmental conditions (particularly temperature). This result investigated that changed environmental conditions are likely introduced new animal-transmitted diseases and redistributed some existing diseases which are affecting economic resources and human population. The wide range of adaptation potential and mitigation options for fisheries in response to climate change is implementing adaptation and mitigation pathways for communities dependent on fisheries maintain research and monitoring efforts that make sound policy, technology and investment choices.


Keywords: Adaptation, climate change, fish, fisheries, mitigation