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Evaluation of the Physicochemical and Thermal Properties of Consciousness Energy Healing Treated Polylactic-co-glycolic Acid (PLGA)

Gopal Nayak1, Mahendra Kumar Trivedi1, Alice Branton1, Dahryn Trivedi1, Snehasis Jana2, *



Accepted 13th October, 2018.


Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) is an FDA approved popular biodegradable copolymer, which has several applications in the pharmaceuticals and biomedical industries. But the degradation and stability of PLGA is a major problem. The objective of this research work was to evaluate the effect of the Trivedi Effect®-Consciousness Energy Healing Treatment on the physicochemical and thermal properties of PLGA using modern analytical techniques. The test sample was divided into control and treated parts. The control part of the test sample did not receive the Biofield Energy Treatment; whereas the other part of the sample received the Biofield Energy Treatment remotely by a famous Biofield Energy Healer, Gopal Nayak and was known as a treated sample. The particle size values were significantly increased by 15.76% (d10), 15.73% (d50), 12.04% (d90), and 13.81% {D(4,3)}; hence, the specific surface area was significantly decreased by 12.45% in the treated sample compared to the control sample. The latent heat of evaporation and latent heat of fusion were altered by 1.05% and -55.13%, respectively in the treated PLGA compared with the control sample. The total weight loss was significantly increased by 10.34%; however, the residue amount was 95.77% less in the treated PLGA sample compared to the control sample. From these results, it can be concluded that the Trivedi Effect®-Consciousness Energy Healing Treated PLGA may show better flowability, shape, and appearance compared with the control PLGA. The Biofield Energy Treated PLGA can provide better benefits for designing the pharmaceutical/nutraceutical formulations and manufacturing of biomedical devices, i.e., sutures, grafts, surgical sealant films, prosthetic devices, implants, micro, and nanoparticles. 


Keywords: PLGA, The Trivedi Effect®, Consciousness Energy Healing Treatment, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Particle size, Surface area, DSC, TGA/DTG