Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

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Migration and Visual Arts, Southeastern Nigeria Dimension

Osita, Williams A. Ph.D.




Accepted 18th February, 2020.


The study tries to situate visual arts as therapeutic media that may help victims overcome trauma, emotional and psychological discomfort associated with migration. It may also be used as a social, healing and visual strategy to reform migration victims globally. The study submits that migration is a global phenomenon that may not be totally neglected or prohibited because of its immeasurable contributions to major economies, including entire human civilization and development. Different studies on migration may have been made, however, there is no comprehensive studies on this subject, hence the study. Primary and secondary sources of data collation are used to achieve the objectives of the study. However, the study underscores Southeastern Nigeria as a reference point. Some of the findings include: visual arts is a psychotherapeutic and psychosynthesis media and strategies administered to migration victims. Migration is a major setback to igbo culture and development as ndigbo are highly acclaimed for migration which is hugely responsible for the vanishing identity of igbo today. These paved way for possible recommendations.


Keywords: visual arts, sex and drug trafficking.