Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

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Maintenance Effectiveness and its General Impact in the Oil and Gas Industry

E.M. Yahaya*1 , B.A. Mohammed1 , E . Isodje2




Accepted June 4th, 2021.


In other to know the performance of a personnel in optimizing maintenance resources and plant availability for utilization, evaluation of maintenance performance needs to be done on regular basis for proper planning and control of maintenance activities in an organization. This study is based on maintenance effectiveness and its general impact in the oil and gas sector. The multiplicative multi-attribute model was used to assess the performance of maintenance resources. Six performance ratios were identified using Nominal group Technique and integrated by utility concept. The trend of the performance ratios indicate frequent production stoppage due to machine breakdown resulting in poor performance of overall maintenance measure. In conclusion, the company require improvement on proper planning and control as well as proper preventive maintenance scheduling. Finally, some recommendations are made for optimal capacity production in terms of plant utilization and maintenance management.


Keywords: Maintenance effectiveness, planning and control. Performance measure