Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

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Evaluating the effects of communication in construction project delivery in Nigeria

1Luka Goji Tipili, 2Patricia Oyiza Ojeba and 3Muhammad Sa\'adiya Ilyasu




Accepted 2nd June, 2014


All construction project execution requires communication between professionals in all the various stages of construction. These professionals transfer appropriate and relevant information to develop a buildable design that meets the client’s requirements. As the project unfolds and the design is realized, information in the form of drawings, specifications and construction methods must be communicated from one expert to another. Therefore, using an appropriate communication method and communication medium to resolve construction and design problems is essential. The research sampled 40 professionals working in the construction industry in Bauchi, Nigeria. The study established that within the Nigeria construction industry, there is a strong appreciation of the importance of project communication and its effects within the industry. In spite of that, there have been many hindrances to effective communication on construction projects in Nigeria. These include; unclear communication objectives, unclear channels of communication, ineffective reporting system, ineffective communication between the parties on the project, stereotyping and language difficulties. Finally, the research established that poor communication had resulted in project delays, project cost overrun and project abandonment. Project communications/communication management was also shown to strongly affect the performance of professionals within the construction industry.


Keywords: Effective Communication, Nigeria Construction industry, Communication Channel, Construction Project Delivery