Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

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The Use of Computers in Agriculture: A Key to Improved Agricultural Productivity in the 21st Century: A Review

Sanchi, I. D 1, Alhassan, Y. J 2, Wanda, P. D,3 and Muhammad, A . M4




Accepted 20th February, 2022.


This article reviewed the use of computer in agriculture as key to improved agricultural productivity in the 21st century. Computer applications in agriculture is undoubtedly a key to enhanced agricultural output. Some of the areas in which computers can be applied in agriculture are as follows: farm land assessment, autonomous farm equipment’s and tractors, farm software, internet forums, social networks and online data bases, E. agriculture, data mining, bioinformatics, remote sensing and geographic information system, precision agriculture and expert systems. These techniques are capable of coping with the variability and drudgery that is typical of agriculture aiming at increased agricultural intensification and greater yields. These computer techniques have great scope and linkage in robotics control for speedy agricultural activities such as in irrigation. Information technology opens the door on the use of computer technology throughout farming, from selective control of field operations to expert systems for crops, animals and farm process management.


Keywords: Agriculture, computer applications, improved agriculture, 21st century.